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ZK Pelagonija is a leading company in agriculture in the Republic of Macedonia.
The main activity of the company is primarily agricultural production from: field crops as wheat, barley, oil rapeseed, sunflower, corn grain, corn silage; farming and small cattle, livestock production, fishing, gardening and fruit fodder. In its production activity it includes production and finishing of seed material for field, industrial and forage crops and production of concentrates for all types of cattle.
The high level of technical and technological knowledge,  the continuous improvement of the quantity and quality of dairy production as well as  introduction of new varieties and high-yield hybrids, contributes to maintain and strengthen  the position on the domestic market and opening space for conquest on foreign markets in the region.

ZK Pelagonija, as a company that follows the global trends in agriculture and farming, has modern and modernized facilities, is in tone with its latest developments. The company is constantly investing in increasing the cultivated areas, livestock, mechanization, as well as in its personnel. Through these efforts, the company has the primate of the largest food producer in the Republic of Macedonia with special emphasis on the continuity of successful satisfaction of the needs of the consumers.




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