About us


ZK Pelagonija JSC Bitola, was once part of the former Agricultural Industrial Combine , Pelagonija, Bitola, who was created in July 1963. ZK PelagonijaJSC Bitola started with its autonomous development in 1991, when based on contract relations, and in accordance with the resolution from the Central Labour Council, was made a separation . Processing service activities and the agricultural part , became legal entities on their own. The agricultural part, continued with its work like unique company in the property of the State, under the name of POS ZK Pelagonija – Bitola. Under the property of the State, ZK Pelagonija exists till 09.05.1997, and then it is registered as joint- stock company. Today , ZK Pelagonija is a corporate in the field of agricultural manufacture.

The major part from our production is disposed on the domestic market. With continual improvement of the quality and amplification of the assortment, we are contributing for strengthening and maintaining our market position, and not only for the domestic market, but the foreign market also. The existing livestock facilities are contemporary and modern, they are organized in accordance with the latest achievements from this field. We are making great efforts, to consequently track the world's latest trends in agriculture, we are constantly investing in enlarging the arable acreage and livestock funds, which makes our company the primate of food production in Republic of Macedonia. Special emphasis we give to satisfying the client's needs in Macedonia, as well as abroad.

Board of Directors

The important decisions about the work and organization of our company, are adopted by the board of directors, on the sessions. The board counts nine members, from which one is executive director, six non – executive members, and two non – executive independent members.

Tomislav Davkov- CEO, lawyer
Jovance Taskovski– president of the Board of Directors
Cvetan Pandeleski- non-executive member, economist
Vesna Belesoska-Bunteska- non-executive member
Zorica Arsovska- non-executive member
Kristina Kamceva-Stojceska- non-executive member
Todor Mircevski- non-executive member, high school
Kiro Sosev- non-executive member, economist