About us


ZK Pelagonija is a leading company in agriculture in the Republic of Macedonia.
The main activity of the company is primarily agricultural production from: field crops as wheat, barley, oil rapeseed, sunflower, corn grain, corn silage; farming and small cattle, livestock production, fishing, gardening and fruit fodder. In its production activity it includes production and finishing of seed material for field, industrial and forage crops and production of concentrates for all types of cattle.
The high level of technical and technological knowledge,  the continuous improvement of the quantity and quality of dairy production as well as  introduction of new varieties and high-yield hybrids, contributes to maintain and strengthen  the position on the domestic market and opening space for conquest on foreign markets in the region.
ZK Pelagonija, as a company that follows the global trends in agriculture and farming, has modern and modernized facilities, is in tone with its latest developments. The company is constantly investing in increasing the cultivated areas, livestock, mechanization, as well as in its personnel. Through these efforts, the company has the primate of the largest food producer in the Republic of Macedonia with special emphasis on the continuity of successful satisfaction of the needs of the consumers.
ZK Pelagonija started its independent development in 1991 as a socially owned enterprise and as such it was until 09.05.1997 when it was registered as a holding company. The management  of the company is organized with single-stage system through the Board of directors.
Based on a lease agreement concluded  on  15. 10.1998 with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water economy, ZK Pelagonija is processing  17.350,25 hectares from which 234 hectares are fishfarms.
In 2016, from the total available 17.296,25 hectares, ZK Pelagonija realized production in  16.274,67 hectares:
autumn cultures          8.300,64 ha

  • spring cultures             7.271,94 ha
  • perennial crops               702,01 ha

Cattle breeding in ZK Pelagonija is a leading branch in the livestock production and its organized in two farms (Novaci and Porodin) where cattle are raised by free movement. On 31.12.2016 in ZK Pelagonija there are 3.628 of all the cattle categories. The total dairy production is 15.690.341 liters.
ZK Pelagonija meets the National standards in the field of livestock breeding and invests in already existing farms to meet the highest European standards, especially  pays attention to hygiene, proper and high-quality nutrition, in order to get top quality and healthy milk according to European standards.
Fishing in ZK Pelagonija is present in two fish farms:

  • fish farm Zabeni               172 ha
  • fish farm Bukri                   62  ha

The company has its own reproductive center to produce offspring commercial fish – carp. Fishponds are also stocked with imported young offspring of carp, silver carp, grass carp, catfish, which are purchased from reputable fish farm in Bulgaria and Serbia.
The capacity of the fish farms is 800-100kg fish per hectare, or in the fish farms  can be produced 160.000-192.000 kg fish yearly. In 2016 19.643 kg fish are sold.
Within the company, also works the factory for fodder, in which are produced concentrates for all cattle categories. Under the guidance of highly qualified technicians and modern production equipment, manufacture is done in most of its own products, according to prescribed formulas that meet all standards.


Pelagonija Energy – biogas plants with a total capacity of six megawatts per hour, located in Novaci and Porodin. Biogas plants offers ecological solution for dealing with farm manure, which processes biogas for processing and joint fermentation with fodder corn. These plants not only improve waste management but also generate cost-effective energy supplies. The biogas plants of Pelagonija Energy are the largest energy facility in the Republic of Macedonia of this type and its one of the largest companies in Europe dealing with the production of “green” energy, i.e. electricity produced from biogas.
The overall design documentation, technology and equipment are procured from the Italian company “Rota Guido”. In the second phase, it is planned a construction of stadium for two plants on an area of 10 hectares, in order to fully utilize the heat generated from cooling the generators.






Board of Directors

The important decisions about the work and organization of our company, are adopted by the board of directors, on the sessions. The board counts five members, from which one is executive director (CEO), and four non – executive members.


Vesna Beleshovska-Bunteska- CEO
Cvetan Pandeleski- president - non-executive member
Aleksandar Georgiev- non-executive member
Aneta Gjorgiev                          - non-executive member