Our livestock

Grown with great care in modern conditions

Our livestock is divided in four sectors: dairy cattle, sheep farming, pig breeding and fisheries. In the last few years, big investments are made, especially in reconstruction and construction of livestock facilities.

The total capacity of the cow farms is 5000, and 2250 from them are milking cows. The number that is planned for the milking cow is different every year. Our pig farm has capacity for production of 7000 pigs in one year, and the sheep farms has capacity of 4500, of which 2700 are dairy sheep. Our fish ponds are prevalent on 214 ha. Their capacity is 1200 kg/ha, or 230 400 kg annual.

The livestock production has intensive character. Although it is based on long tradition and experience, every year are introduced innovations in cattle technology.

When it comes to numerous and health state, which is really important factor for animal husbandry, we have highly qualified staff that take care of the animals. Meaningful elements that we take in consideration before the planning are: livestock capacity, the flock with its health and numerous state, the prices on the livestock productions and food.